The name Gan-Jeez spark from a play on the word Ganga referring to the longest river in India,

It was Puneet’s last visit to his home country, when he saw some sadhu (saints) were wearing sunnies & driving motorbike that inspired him that if sadhu’s can be funky then Indian food can be modernized as well.

Inspired by the unique concept of Indian Australian fusion, Owner Puneet Bhatia & Neetu Dhawan has skill fully crafted a concept that showcases authentic Indian delicacies in the most modernistic approach. Ideations like deconstructed Chat, confusion called fusion Butter Chicken Cob, Tenderloin with Vindaloo Jus, Chaitini, Mango chilli Bang bang & many more not only reflects the uniqueness of the brand but also gives a refreshing twist to the most discerning epicureans.

Exploring a new take on presentation, flavors and textures of old favorite in an ambience.

We have lifted the cooking onto a different level proving that the Indian food is capable for sophisticated evening.