Experience Beyond Ordinary....


The name Gan-Jeez spark from a play on the word Ganga referring to the longest river in India, It was Chef Puneet's last visit to his home country, when he saw some sadhu (saints) were wearing sunnies & driving motorbike that inspired him that if sadhu's can be funky then Indian food can be modernized as well. Exploring a new take on Presentation, flavours and textures of old favourite in an ambience. We have lifted the cooking onto a different level proving that the Indian food is capable of a sophisticated evening. Welcomes guests to delve further into Gan-Jeez's reimagination.

    • Chef Tasting Menu New

      This is more likely to Involve tasting portions of a chef's signature dishes in one sitting , Subject To Availability, Only Friday & Saturday!

    • 7 Course


      With matching drinks $45

    • 5 Course


      With Matching Drink $35

    • Street Eat With An Elegance

      (Vegetarian) (Vegan)

    • Samoza (2pc)


      Pyramid triangle pastry, potato & peas mixtures , carrot, onion lettuce tamarind dressing

    • Aloo Tikki Chaat


      Smashed Crispy potatoes Pattie, Fresh Pomegranate, combo of tangy chutneys & yogurt

    • Avocado Spinach Chaat


      Spinach Fritters,Fresh Avocado, Pomegranate, combo of tangy chutneys & Yogurt

    • Banarasi Tikki (2pc)


      Veg briyan, potatos peas spiced crispn patties traditional sauce

    • Masala Haryali Kur-ku-ree


      spinach, panerr potatos mixed with chickpea s/w tawarind

    • Biryani Aranchini (3pc)


      Veg briyani, Pappadums pineapple Raita

    • Mumbai Style Pav Bhaji


      Street food style tawa cooked vegetables with butter spiced bread buns

    • Vegetarian Manchurian


      Crispy Mashed Vegetable Balls cooked in Indo Chinese Capsicum Sauce

    • Entree New

    • Mussels Masala (5pc)


      Green New Zealand mussels cooked with ginger coconut masala & curry leave crisp's

    • Chicken Manchurian


      Chicken Balls cooked in Indo-Chinese Capsicum Sauce.

    • Garlic pepper Pork belly


      Crispy Skin, Pork belly, Tossed with Garlic Pepper gravy.

    • Scallops Lemonade Curry


      Scallops, Lime, coriander & malabari curry

    • Punjabi Chicken Lolipop (4pc)


      Masala spiced crispy Chicken Wings cooked with Chef's Secret Sauce

    • Bangali Spiced Crispy Calamari


      Musterd & Curry leaves Marinated Crispy Calamari, Cumin lemon Aioli

    • Vegetarian

      Please Ask for Vegan Options

    • Baingan Patiala


      Fresh eggplant & potatoes cooked with selected herbs & onion gravy.

    • Aloo Gobi Matar


      Fresh cauliflower, potato & peas cooked with turmeric, onion & ginger sauce

    • Vegetable Jaipuri


      Broccoli, Snow peas, Shallots & peas cooked with tomato onion tadka

    • Aloo Capsicum Masala


      Cumin Spiced potato's tossed with capsicum & onion masala

    • Bindi Do Pyaza


      Crispy okra cooked with ginger spiced onions & mustard oil

    • Dal Makhni


      India's favorite lentil slow cooked with onion, tomato & mix spices

    • Nariyal Tarkari


      Oven roast mixed vegetable cooked in coconut & nigella seed gravy

    • Malai Kofta


      Paneer & potato croquets cooked in creamy cashew gravy

    • Paneer

    • Shahi Paneer


      Cumin marinated paneer cooked in tomato & cashew nut creamy gravy

    • Kadai Paneer


      Cumin marinated paneer tossed with capsicum, onion & creamy tomato gravy

    • Malai Methi Paneer


      Cumin marinated paneer cooked in creamy fenugreek gravy

    • Paneer Kali Mirch


      Homemade paneer cooked in Special hot n spicy peppery masala sauce

    • Chicken

    • Creamy Roasted Murg


      Cumin roast tandoori chicken, cooked in creamy rich sauce

    • Chicken Tikka Masala


      Chicken capsicum, onion, snow peas, creamy tomato & tikka masala gravy

    • Chicken Kali Mirch


      Tandoor roasted chicken, onion, tomato black pepper cooked in seven spiced gravy

    • Butter Chicken


      Chicken Breast Cooke with Creamy tomato & Cashew Gravy.

    • Jeezy Chicken Curry


      Chicken breast cooked with lychee, pineapple & coconut gravy

    • "Patiyala" Murg Tangri


      Tandoor roasted drumsticks, cooked with patiyala style sauce

    • Ginger Shallot Chicken


      Home style masala braised chicken curry with chilli ginger

    • Hot Hot Super-Hot


      Maryland fillet Cooked in Vindaloo Sauce

    • Goat (Ribs)

    • Tava Capsicum Goat


      Goat toasted with onion tomato, Capsicum, chilli masala prepared on traditional 'tava'

    • Kashmiri Chilli Goat


      Slow cooked goat cooked in kashmiri masala

    • Goat Chettinad


      Goat meat cooked in Chennai's hot & ground masala gravy

    • Goat Rib Masala


      Mum's style gravy, special love, black cardamom and cassia bark

    • Sides New

    • Sirka Onion

    • Masala Onion

    • Cumin Pappadums

    • Pomegranate Mint Raita

    • Cucumber Kuchumber

    • Chutney

    • Kids Menu New

      Only for under 8 years Old

    • Tikki Pav Slider

    • Pork & Spiced Mango Chutney Slider

    • Butter Chicken Slider

    • Pappadum & Dips (Munching only)

    • Tandoori Tikka's

    • Malai Paneer Tikka (2sk)


      Tandoori Spiced marinated, homemade cheese, clay oven cooked

    • Haryali Paneer Tikka (2sk)


      Spinach marinated, homemade cheese, clay oven cooked

    • Chilli Pineapple Tikka


      Chilli spiced marinated, Pineapple, Clay oven cooked

    • Veg Platter for 4Pax


      chef choice 4 mix entree

    • Non-Veg Tandoori Tikka 's

      Non-Veg items

    • Creamy Coconut Prawns (5pc)


      coconut marinated prawns cooked in clay oven & pomegranate mint chutney

    • Lahori Seekh Kabab (4pc)


      Panfried lamb and lentils, pickled onions & creamy mint salsa

    • Tang-ri Kabab (2pc)


      Afgan spiced Marinated Drumsticks, slow cooked in in clay oven

    • Mughlai Malai Tikka (4pc)


      Clay oven cooked, Cream, Cashew & garlic marinated chicken

    • Kashmiri Fish Tikka


      Kashmiri masala crusted Salmon, cooked in Tandoor & cucumber cumin rice

    • Non Veg Platter 4Pax


      chef choice 4 mix entrees

    • Seafood

    • Seafood Curry


      Panfried Garlic Mussels, Prawns & Fish cooked with roasted vegetable in creamy coconut gravy.

    • Seafood Balchow


      Panfried Chilli garlic Mussels, Prawns scallops & fish toassed with coconut tomato, shallots & fresh ginger

    • Amritsari Kadai Fish


      Tandoor cooked fish cooked with capsicum, onion ginger in kadai sauce.

    • Chilli Coconut fish


      Crispy Bishop weed marinated "Fish of the day" sauteed coconut reduction & Fresh ginger

    • Green Prawn Curry


      Garlic marinated prawn cooked in creamy spinach gravy

    • Prawn Shallot Masala


      Garlic prawns cooked with capsicum, onion shallots in creamy spinach gravy.

    • Goan Prawn Curry


      Prawns stewed in butter coconut graavy, ginger, snowpeas, carrots, cloves & spiced masala gravy.

    • Lamb Backstraps

    • Almond Pumpkin Lamb


      Backstrap tossed with Roasted Pumpkin & Cumin Cashew Sauce

    • Lamb Eggplant


      Lamb toasted with fresh eggplant, ginger, shallot & hint of garam masala

    • Lamb Rogan Josh


      Preparation of tender lamb in Kashmiri rogan spices. Portuguese inspired slow cooked with garlic onion.

    • Lamb Korma


      Backstrap cooked in creamy cashew onion Rich gravy

    • Chilli Shallot Lamb


      Pan-fried Back strap cooked in chilli, shallot, onion & coriander masala

    • Shahi Seekh Masala


      Lamb Mince kabab cooked in onion, tomato & Ginger gravy.

    • Beef (sirloin)

    • Beef Tikka Malabar


      Roasted porter house cooked in coconut onion & capsicum masala sauce.

    • Beef Bean Vindaloo


      Meat blended with aromatic spices cooked with green beans & onion topped w basil crisp.

    • Beef Broccoli Shallot


      Pan fried sirloin, cooked with broccoli, shallot in garlic onion & tomato tadka

    • Naga Beef Okra


      Smoked-roasted Beef cooked with dice okra & onion masala

    • Korma Beef Fry


      Yogurt, turmeric marinated beef cooked in creamy cashew nut gravy

    • Pork Belly

    • "Choka" Style Pork Belly


      Tandoori cooked crispy skin pork belly with crispy curry & creamy garlic sauce

    • Pork Belly Bal-Chow


      Twice cooked Crispy skin pork Belly tossed with fresh coconut, cherry tomato, ginger & Shallot

    • Rice

    • Veg. Fried Rice

    • Chicken & Goat Biryani

    • Veg. Biryani

    • Coconut Rice

    • Saffron Rice

    • Bread Bar

    • Lachha Prantha

    • Roti

    • Mushroom & Truffle

    • Chilli Cheese Naan

    • Spinach Cheese Naan

    • Garlic Cheese Naan

    • Butter Naan

    • Cheese Naan

    • Naan

    • Garlic Naan

    • Desserts New

    • Kulfi (Indian Homemade Icecream)

      Please ask for the "Flavors of the Day"

    • Black & White


      Traditional black carrot halwa (pudding), creamy fennel ice cream, macadamia & coconut crumble

    • Jalebi Rabri


      Traditional sugar pretzel, with sweetened milk spheres